The cat cafe has self-service drip coffee and herbal water.


A photo session with owls and cats is held at 15:00 every day。

Extension of cat cafe is available for 500 yen per 30 minutes.

Elementary school students and younger can enter at elementary and junior high school rates with consent to exit if there is noisy.

Owls are usually at home. I will be near everyone at the 15:00 photo session.

In winter, otters, shiba, small birds, and reptiles are off.

If you are a student, we will check your student ID.

About the enter of the baby, always ふg the inside of the store. If you loudly cry, you can enter for free on the condition of immediate exit.

Extra time at the cat cafe is 500 yen per 30 minutes.

You can choose any course in time for the last reception. For example, if you enter the store at 18:00 on Saturday and the cat cafe is 60 minutes + hedgehog 30 minutes, it will be open until 19:30.

What is the cat cafe 1.5 hour course?


"churu" which can be covered with cats and a special course with enjoy time. Cats don't miss the moment you pick up "churu".Cats will follow you up to the third floor. The number one favorite of "Churu" is Abyssinian "Chii". Stand and eat with grab a spoon in both hands. Second place is "Pipi" of Maine Coon. Riding on a human body with a large body keeps other cats away. Third place is "Kuro". "Churu" seems to change the character of "Kuro" who is usually unfriendly. He will send you a hot gaze and a spoiled voice. For health management, we use the comprehensive nutritional food "Churu", and we also take measures to ensure that "Churu" exclusive cats of the day enter the cage at "Churu" time.

What is the cat cafe 2 hour course?


A great cat enjoyment course with "Cat hug" right and "Chuaru". First, you have to select your own in contact cat while interacting with the cat. It was a cat's nomination where I enjoyed about 1:30 while give you the "Chiru". Hug the cat while learning from the staff! It is a course to shoot cute two-shot with your camera.And where It is announcement of cat who leaves if you hold. No. 1 without complaint is Mog from Norwegian Forest Cat. You can enjoy holding it for a long time while feeling the weight of about 10 kg on your knees. If you are going to give a face massage in a hug, "Mog" will answer with a rumbling sound. The second place is gorgeous hair chinchilla silver, "Muton". Warm body temperature. Fluffy silk hair. And the cricket emerald green eye will make you called "meon". "Mikuri" is third. "Mikuri" is a born sweet boy. That's all the cat's good at hug. Other than Munchkin "mijica", you can hug cat's. By the way, "Mijika" is a cat who can't even hold the staff because her legs are short and she seems to be instinctively dangered by being lifted.

You can rent a cat cafe


If you gather more than 6 people, the cat cafe is monopolized only by friends! Reservation is possible at times other than regular holidays and business hours. The one-hour charter is a privilege and the shooting with an owl and a cat is attached. If it is two hours, it will be a service of cat Oyatsu and cat embrace photo. The price is the same as that of the cat cafe. Please use it for birthday party, off-line party, alumni association, mom friendship, premium Friday, photo session, photo shoot etc. For reservations and inquiries, please feel free to contact♪