Owls day!Introduced in LINE News

When He wake up in the morning, His head is ... Owl "Huku", who forgives the little bird "mischief" and watches over

We will do an owl event!

February 9 (Sun) Owl Day ! Take a commemorative photo with "Huku". For all customers visiting the cat cafe!

We will do an cat event!

February 22nd (Sat) Cat is holding a photo on her knee! It's cat day! For all customers visiting the cat cafe!

You can read some "Huku" and "Marimo" mangas for free

「フクとマリモのHUKULOU COFFEEへようこそ! 」

Some information is wrong, but enjoy it! It is easy to understand! Summary site

「kurashi-no 」

Once again! Introduced in LINE News

He sleep is bad ... the cat and the otter that are sticking and sleeping are too cute

Wow! I was introduced to LINE News!

Forbidden friendship Healed by a cat grooming an owl

We appeared on TV.