2/22      2/9

February 9 is "Owl Day". February 22 is Cat Day. We will do an event! 9th (Sun) Owl's "Huku" and a commemorative photo, 22nd (Sat) Cat held on his lap and a commemorative photo! We cater to all customers visiting the cat cafe! All the staff will do their best! Please come everyone! !

What is often said "Cat's coming very close. There are many friendly cats?" "The cats here don't hate to touch. Are the cats here not shy?" Why? Is that because it's a domestic cat who has lived and lived together with humans since the kitten age? Cats all love humans. Stretching, kneeling, shoulder riding. Snack time. We play together with cats. Or selfie. Enjoy freshly ground coffee while enjoying contact with the cats.

From 15 o'clock every day, a two-shot time event of owl fuku and cat marimo is held. The appearance of different animals of natural enemies getting along is healing. They are together every day foy 15 o'clock. You can take a picture with everyone after seeing the glittering "Huku" and the close friend's cat nearby.

  • Finish renovation work was closed, Revived in 2020! A shop with a good combination of an owl and a cat. It is a cat cafe named Owl Coffee! The shop is located in Nakazakicho, within walking distance of Osaka Station. A 3-minute walk from Osaka Metro Nakazakicho Station. The store has 3 floors. Approximately 30 cats and small animals are waiting for you.

  • In addition to cats, rabbits, ferrets, and hedgehogs have revived. A fluffy Angora rabbit sleeping on your knees. A cheerful ferret who loves to play. There is a hedgehog with a low level of wariness, even with bare hands. You can get Oyatsu service with a cat cafe!


    1-9-7 Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
    E MAIL/dt>
    Weekday 13:00~17:00(Last reception)

    Holiday 12:00~18:00(Last reception)
    Every Tuesday

    (If Tuesday is a holiday, we will be open.)